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New Day Dental Offers Unmatched Emergency Dentistry in Pleasanton

While you can’t plan for accidents, you can plan for expert care should they occur. New Day Dental offers the most comprehensive and professional emergency dentist in Pleasanton; a quick call to our office can help preserve your teeth, gums, and smile—don’t delay!

When Is Emergency Care Necessary?

What Non-Emergency Situations Require Prompt Care?

As with most mishaps, you’ll want to address your problems sooner than later. Some non-emergency examples to consider:

First Aid

How To Save a Tooth:

  1. If you still have the tooth, hold it by the crown (not the roots).
  2. Store your tooth inside of your cheek if you can’t put it back in its socket.
  3. If you can’t keep the tooth in saliva, use milk (water is a last resort).
  4. Call our office immediately. The sooner you act, the better prognosis.

Lost Crown:

  1. Keep crown safe and clean.
  2. Try to re-apply the crown with dental cement from the local pharmacy.
  3. If the crown’s lost, cover the affected area with dental cement.
  4. Only use dental-grade adhesives, never household or industrial glues.

What About Moderate Toothaches?

Sometimes it’s normal to feel a little pain. Maybe you bit down too hard on the inside of your cheek, or maybe your teeth are sensitive to temperature changes. We recommend the following steps to alleviate any discomfort before arriving at our office:

  1. Reduce swelling with a cold compress.
  2. Over-the-counter pain medications can lessen inflammation.
  3. Call our office immediately so we can take care of you!

At New Day Dental, we pride ourselves in our compassion and unsurpassed emergency dentistry in Pleasanton. We go above and beyond and will do what it takes to save your smile.


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