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New Day Dental Offers Complete Dental Care Under One Roof with Oral Surgery in Pleasanton.

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Premier dentists New Day Dental can address a range of dental needs by providing the most professional in-house oral surgery in Pleasanton.

Not every dental practice performs their own oral surgery, but New Day Dental is not just any dental office. Our team includes fully licensed and certified oral surgeons who can repair a variety of dental complications involving the mouth, teeth, face, and jaws.

How do oral surgeons differ from dentists?

Dentists complete 4 years of dentistry school, but oral surgeons continue their education for another 4-6 years, resulting in the ability to administer anesthesia, along with advanced dental procedures. Oral surgeons are professionally known as oral maxillofacial surgeons, or simply OMS.

When is an oral surgeon a necessity?

While dentists can complete simple tooth extraction, oral surgeons perform more complex procedures, with impacted wisdom tooth removal being the most common. Dental complications resulting from disease or injury require the expertise of an oral surgeon, whose goal is to restore normal mouth function with aesthetically-pleasing looks.

A few conditions that can be addressed with an oral surgeon are:

You’re in good hands with New Day Dental’s oral surgeons. Our years of combined training and practical expertise have given us the privilege of improving countless smiles, each with their own needs and issues.

For unmatched oral surgery in Pleasanton, consider New Day Dental; our passionate surgeons take pride in helping patients discover solutions to their dental problems.


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