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Routine visits to a dentist are one of the most important factors to maintaining good oral hygiene. Our compassionate staff at New Day Dental will help you book an appointment that best fits your schedule, ensuring you the prompt and thorough care you deserve. We look forward to taking care of you!

As we age, our teeth become more prone to cavities, so it is important to closely manage the state of your oral health. Premier dentists New Day Dental recommends two dental exams and cleanings per year for our adult patients.

What you can expect

Both the exam and cleaning will be completed during one visit and are an excellent way to nip potential dental problems in the bud. While our individual patients’ needs differ, there are routine steps to expect during every dental exam and cleaning:

Dental Exams

First your dentist will carefully inspect the general condition of your mouth, including gums, tongue, and teeth. Bright lights and magnifying glasses help your dentist see your mouth in greater detail than what’s possible at home. If there are any concerns that may require future visits, our friendly receptionists will book you the appointments you need.


Your dentist’s glasses and lights can only find so much, and this is where X-ray imaging comes into play. These images allow your dentist to see what’s occurring underneath the gum line, from misaligned teeth to types of tooth decay that simply aren’t visible to the naked eye.

Our skilled dental professionals New Day Dental uses very low levels of radiation, making your dental X-rays completely safe for normal use.

Tooth Decay

Cavities are easily viewed on X-rays, and the sooner they are treated the better the prognosis. While the process of filling a cavity is fairly simple, it is a procedure that will require a future office visit.

Gum Disease

When gums become infected and inflamed, periodontal disease can develop. Otherwise known as gingivitis, this condition can lead to greater oral complications, such as root canals or tooth extractions. Should gingivitis be detected, New Day Dental will construct a treatment plan to thoroughly clean and correct the infected areas, resulting in stronger, healthier gums and teeth.

Restoration Checkup

New Day Dental is known for the most professional dental cleanings and examinations in Pleasanton due to our thorough attention to detail. It’s not uncommon for our patients to arrive to us with sub-par pre-existing dental work, and our restoration checkups will test the integrity of said work, noting any improvements that should be addressed.

Oral Cancer Screening

As with any serious disease, early detection of oral cancer is crucial for effective treatment. Professional dental exams and X-rays provide your dentist the opportunity to monitor your health at least twice a year, giving you peace of mind in addition to a happy smile.

Dental Cleanings

Once your dental examination is finished, a cleaning by one of our dental hygienists will clear your teeth and gums of any buildup that has accumulated over time.

Your cleaning will include:

Plaque Removal

Plaque is the result of oral bacteria; it’s a substance that occurs naturally in the mouth but can only be removed by your dental professional. Even the most diligent flossers and brushers can’t remove sticky plaque from their teeth, which is why premier dentists New Day Dental stress multiple cleanings a year.

Tartar Removal

Once plaque has settled it turns into a yellowish, cement-like material known as tartar. In addition to being unattractive in appearance, tartar can expand from the tooth’s surface into the gums, leaving you prone to further infection.


By now your teeth have been vigorously inspected and cleaned, and the final step is a good tooth polishing. Any remaining tartar and plaque will be removed with a high-powered (yet gentle) brush, leaving your mouth feeling shiny and clean.

New Day Dental offers the most comprehensive dental cleanings in Pleasanton. We hold our patients’ oral health in the highest regard, and our compassionate dentists and hygienists take the time to instruct how to properly care for teeth in between office visits.

To experience the best dental cleaning and examination in Pleasanton, give New Day Dental a call and one of our friendly receptionist will book you an appointment. We hope to see you soon!


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