Family Dentistry in Pleasanton

It’s never too early to begin good oral hygiene, and dental professionals at New Day Dental welcomes the opportunity to provide you and your family with superior family dentistry in Pleasanton.

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Our fantastic dentists in Pleasanton will treat all members of your family, from infants and teenagers to parents and grandparents. New Day Dental’s number one goal is to assist you and your loved ones in achieving your healthiest smile. Our cutting-edge technology and warm staff ensures your visits will be comfortable, professional, and effective.

What Can a Child Expect During the First Visit?

We understand the ever-changing dental needs that arise in families, from basic cavity protection to orthodontic work, like braces and retainers. Once your younger child enters adolescence their needs change, and our compassionate staff alters treatment plans to better address these needs.

  1. A kid-friendly overview of the tools present
  2. Careful examination of tooth development
  3. Fluoride treatments
  4. Cleaning & polish
  5. X-rays once second set of teeth emerge

What Should My Teenager Focus On?

Teenagers’ mouths are still developing and are prone to tooth decay, often due to lifestyle choices and orthodontic work. New Day Dental implores diligent oral care habits that should continue into adulthood:

What Should Mature Adults Monitor?

Your diligent dental habits go a long way, but as we age there are additional concerns to consider:

New Day Dental recognizes the many challenges life can present you with. We’re grateful for the opportunity to help keep your smile happy and healthy, offering emergency dentistry, oral surgery, and state-of-the-art technology.

Premier dentists at New Day Dental hold our patients in the highest regard, offering treatment and answers to a variety of dental concerns. We’re honored to serve every member of your family while promoting a lifetime of healthy dental habits.  Contact us to find out more about family dentistry in Pleasanton.


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