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New Day Dental offers various solutions for complete dental restoration in Pleasanton. We work hard to restore normal oral function and offer treatment plans that fit a variety of lifestyles and budgets.

What Is Dental Restoration?

In addition to improved aesthetics, dental restoration involves reconstruction of the mouth and teeth to reestablish normal oral function. Whether your teeth are cracked, worn, decayed, or missing, our talented dentists can help find the right procedure to repair your smile.

There are two types of dental restoration techniques available: “direct” and “indirect.”

Direct Restoration

The quicker of the two, direct tooth restoration is often completed in a single office visit, with the filling of cavities being one of the most common procedures performed. New Day Dental prides itself on our highly trained staff, which offer the most effective dental restorations in Pleasanton.

We find the best results stem from patients taking on a more active role in their treatment, and together we will choose the best option for your needs. Your dentist may recommend some filling materials over others, depending on where the cavities are present.

The following filling materials are available to you:

Indirect Restoration

Indirect tooth restoration takes more than one visit, due to the time needed to create customized dental work. While the results may not be as immediate as direct, the careful crafting of indirect restoration is vital in correcting healthy, normal function.

Below are examples of indirect dental restoration:

While visually-pleasing looks are the main concern of cosmetic dentistry, dental restoration focuses on healthy mouth function. It’s easy to take talking and eating for granted when you’re not suffering from any dental issues, but at New Day Dental we understand that competent dental restoration can be key to reinvigorating someone’s zest for life.

Premier Pleasanton dentists New Day Dental looks forward to providing you with the most comprehensive dental restoration in Pleasanton.


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