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Porcelain veneers can repair chipped, stained, and even gapped teeth. New Day Dental sees smiles at all different stages, and our expert porcelain veneers in Pleasanton can help create the smile you desire.

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What Are Dental Veneers?

A thin shell, porcelain veneers are covers applied directly to teeth to improve their looks. A strong adhesive bonds the veneer to your teeth, making them durable enough to resume normal life.

Are They For Me?

Porcelain veneers are able to treat a variety of dental issues:

But I Heard?

Our team of dental professionals encounter all sorts of inaccuracies involving porcelain veneers. Let’s dispel some myths:

I hear veneers look fake?

In the early days of veneers there may have been some truth to this, but decades of technological advancement have led to today’s remarkable results.

Aren’t veneers easily damaged?

Aside from accidents, your porcelain veneers should remain issue-free for a good ten years.

Veneers are expensive?

Labor and time is a large portion of veneers’ pricing structure. However, once you spread this cost over a decade (120 months) you can see what a great investment they are.

What to Expect

After a consultation you’ll be given a better visual of your new look and how long it will take. An impression of your teeth will be made to customize your veneers.

The Procedure

You’ll return for temporary veneers; expect to have a fine layer of enamel filed down so the veneers have a flat surface to lay on. Be gentle with those temporaries!

Your third visit will be for the final application, and you’ll be able to make adjustments before permanent bonding.

During Recovery New Day Dental recommends:

New Day Dental offers exceptional services and expertise. Book a consultation today and see how the best porcelain veneers in Pleasanton can transform your smile!


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