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New Day Dental’s experienced staff offers a multitude of professional dental services. From routine dental work to cosmetic restoration, New Day Dental takes great pride in caring for our patients’ various needs.

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Below is a list of additional services you can find at New Day Dental:

Composite Fillings: Different than metal amalgams, composite resins are used to protect decayed teeth and can even match your own tooth’s color.

Dental Sealants: Plastic sealants that are bonded to the biting surface of premolars and molars to protect them against further decay.

Periodontics: Dental specialty that prevents and treats inflammatory gum disease that affects the teeth, gums, and supporting mouth structure.

Root Canal Treatment: To prevent abscesses, decayed nerve and pulp tissue are cleaned from the infected tooth before your dentist seals the area.

Tooth Extraction: Teeth that can’t be repaired can be easily removed, but teeth below the gum line will require more complex removal surgery.

Nitrous Oxide: Commonly referred to as laughing gas, this is an excellent, cost effective and safe option for our younger patients or patients with severe dental anxiety. Nitrous Oxide calms the nerves and provides a better dental experience overall.


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