Lumineers in Pleasanton

The latest in veneer technology, Lumineers are a procedure that brings cosmetic dentistry to a whole new level. Home to the best Lumineers in Pleasanton, New Day Dental is excited to help you achieve a stellar smile with Lumineers.

Are Lumineers for me?

Lumineers have the ability to fix a plethora of dental problems. Here are just a few examples of how impressive Lumineers are:

Before the procedure

The first step is to schedule a consultation, and our friendly office staff will book an appointment with one of our talented dentists in Pleasanton. If Lumineers are decided, exact impressions of your mouth will be made to customize them accordingly.

You and your dentist will choose a veneer shade to best match your enamel for a natural, seamless look; it’s part of what makes Lumineers so unique!

During the procedure

Unlike standard veneers, Lumineers are applied to your teeth without the need for filing the enamel surface. Your second visit will involve the application of Lumineers, with each shell being individually placed. Once you and your dentist approve of their look and placement, Lumineers will then be attached to your natural teeth permanently.

After the procedure

Now your smile is ready to be shared with the world. Since Lumineers involve no files or drills, there’s no pain to manage, making recovery a breeze. Some patients need a few days to grow accustomed to the feel of Lumineers, but this is easily achieved over time.

Lumineers’ stain-resistant exterior will stay bright a long time and can last over 20 years with effective oral care, such as brushing and flossing. While it’s unlikely, should you wish to remove Lumineers, you should know they are completely reversible and do not damage your underlying teeth.

Schedule a consultation today to discuss your options for the most premium Lumineers in Pleasanton. A phone call to New Day Dental is all you need to start the journey towards a stellar smile.


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