Laser Dentistry in Pleasanton

Highly trained and certified, the expert dentists at New Day Dental are proud to offer premium laser dentistry in Pleasanton.

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What is Laser Dentistry?

Advances in technology have allowed lasers to replace standard dental tools like drills. Lasers are very accurate light beams that pinpoint the affected tooth tissue, resulting in less pain and quicker recovery times.

What Does Laser Dentistry Treat?

Our premier dentists at New Day Dental can address many dental afflictions using laser dentistry. In addition to tooth decay and gum disease, laser dentistry can be an option for:

We could list more, but a consultation with us can help determine if laser dentistry is right for you. Call your Pleasanton dentists at New Day Dental today to schedule an appointment!

How Expensive is Laser Dentistry?

It all depends on what your dental needs are, and in some cases faster results from laser dentistry may actually save you money over time. Check with your insurance provider, as more are adding laser dentistry to their list of covered services.

Laser Dentistry Involves Both Soft and Hard Tissue. What’s the difference?

Soft tissue is anything related to the gums, and laser dentistry can be used to reshape them for cosmetic dental work; lasers also kill bacteria that cause periodontal disease.

Hard tissue refers to the teeth, and a stronger (yet still safe) laser is used to penetrate teeth and bone. Afflictions such as cavities, tooth sensitivity, crown reshaping, etc., can be quickly treated. Even speech impediments due to frenulum attachment can be treated with lasers.

Is Laser Dentistry Dangerous?

Thanks to science fiction, lasers have a reputation for being harmful, but the risks of laser dentistry are quite low. In reality, the water and minerals of your teeth absorb much of the laser’s wavelength, and blood vessels and nerve endings seal quickly, reducing pain and recovery time.

New Day Dental looks forward to helping you find solutions to your dental problems. Give our friendly office a call today and schedule an appointment to learn more about the best laser dentistry in Pleasanton.


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