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Premier dentists New Day Dental can fix imperfect teeth faster than ever before, and many of our patients can be helped same-day. Our office is happy to book an appointment to see if dental bonding in Pleasanton is an option for you.

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What is Dental Bonding?

Dentists rely on dental bonding for teeth that need repair and not necessarily overall replacement. Composite resins are mixed and bonded to your existing tooth to these fix minor imperfections. It's faster than crowns or implants, which require more prep work and waiting times for patients.

Our top-notch dentists approach cosmetic dentistry with pride, offering the most professional dental bonding in Pleasanton. We can resolve a multitude of dental issues:

What to Expect:

Your dentist will take the time to study your tooth issues to determine the best course of action. Together you’ll decide on the closest shade of composite that best matches your own teeth. A gentle etching of the problem tooth’s surface is completed before prepping with a conditioning liquid that allows the resin to strongly bond.

The composite putty is then applied to your teeth and crafted to look like your own. A laser light quickly hardens the composite, as your dentist to finalizes the shape. Once satisfied, a polish and shine is completed to seamlessly blend your new tooth.

Typically dental bonding is a procedure that doesn’t require anesthesia and can be completed in under an hour provided you’re not receiving work on multiple teeth. Should more time be needed, future appointments can be made.

The recovery time is minimal, and for 48 hours you’ll want to abstain from drinks and food that stain to experience the best results. Good oral hygiene means your composites should last a long time.

Our dentist in Pleasanton at New Day Dental provides the best dental bonding in Pleasanton. Call our office to learn if dental bonding can be a solution for you!


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